Hi there! I'm Danie Hadsall, an illustrator and graphic designer with an enthusiasm for fantasy, nature and folklore. I use this inspiration to help create magical fauna and worlds!

Even though I obtained a degree in 3D, I always found myself gravitating towards digital illustration and was able to pair my drawing passions with my 3D skills.
Because of my skill set, over the years I found myself focusing a lot on conceptualizing and creating products. I even designed licensed merchandise for popular fandoms like Destiny, Bioshock, and Ghostbusters! These opportunities led me down a path to start creating and selling my own brand of products.
As of right now, I am a freelance artist and independent small business owner solo managing "Curious Nature Studio" where I create nature-fantasy themed content and merchandise. I started off selling at conventions where you may have seen me at an event in Washington or Oregon, and now have branched out to selling online and in small shops!

When I am not drawing, I also enjoy video games, hiking and getting lost in a forest with my dog.

Interested in working or collaborating with me? Email me at: artbydanie@gmail.com
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Knowledge and skills include: Digital illustration, graphic design, 3D modeling/sculpting, product creation and manufacturing.
» Photoshop
» Illustrator
» Clip Studio
» Zbrush
» Maya
» Substance Painter

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