Danie Hadsall is a product development artist from a little farm town north of Seattle, Washington. Illustrator, merch designer, and creative known for making whimsical yet spooky designs that have charmed buyers from all over!
Before delving into her own small business, Danie has worked with prestigious media brands including Bioshock, Ghostbusters, Destiny, and Amazon growing her skills in 3D and graphic design. This experience sparked a new curiosity leading her down a new path of creating merchandise featuring her own original designs! She’s been managing a successful online store since 2020 in addition to managing her own booth at events around the Pacific Northwest since 2018.
Danie's current product line up focuses on home decor, stationery, small gifts and accessories with designs featuring mischievous creatures paired with playfully haunting themes. Danie has a deep love for creating magical fauna and finds inspiration within nature, mythology, folklore and in the weird but wonderful!
If you are interested in working with Danie please reach out via email at: artbydanie@gmail.com
Wanting to stock Curious Nature products at your store? Wholesale catalog can be viewed at curiousnaturestudio.faire.com
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Knowledge and skills include: Digital illustration, graphic design, 3D modeling/sculpting, product creation and manufacturing.
» Photoshop
» Illustrator
» Clip Studio
» Zbrush
» Maya
» Substance Painter

Artisan's Mercantile
Snohomish, WA
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Millstream Bainbridge
Bainbridge Island, WA
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Kinokuniya Bookstore
Plano, TX